Aspectual Substitution

Aspectual Substitution

Verbal Change in New Testament Quotations of the Septuagint

Samuel J. Freney


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Aspectual Substitution: Verbal Change in New Testament Quotations of the Septuagint examines quotations where the New Testament author quotes the Septuagint but changes the tense-form of the verb, substituting one aspectual value for another, often in furtherance of a typological, prophetic, or theological connection. Taking into account various models of the verb in Koine Greek, including tenseless and aspect-prominent proposals, this study employs contrastive substitution to analyze the significance of aspectual substitution in quotations, concluding that the future tense-form encodes perfective aspect and is marked for future temporal reference.


Samuel J. Freney:

Samuel J. Freney works in Sydney, Australia, in Christian ministry with university students and translation projects for Australian indigenous languages. He earned his PhD in theological studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.