The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint

The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint

7 Steps to Building A Brand and Creating Wealth Through Brand Equity

Bernt Ullmann


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BERNT ULLMANN, often referred to as "the man behind the brands", has been a trusted brand acceleration expert helping generate over 6 billion dollars in global sales so far in his career. With over thirty years' experience as a corporate executive, Ullmann's portfolio includes brand development and management, licensing and distribution, modernization, and global expansion for fashion moguls such as Daymond John, Eddie Lampert, and Tommy Hilfiger. He has also contributed to successful platform expanding brands for clients like Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj, and others.

IN HIS DEBUT BOOK, The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint, Ullmann shares his expertise in a systematic seven-step process to help entrepreneurs, no matter who, launch their brand successfully. This book is a step by step, easy to follow blueprint to achieve business acceleration and create lasting wealth.

Bernt put years of hard-earned knowledge from executive management, high stakes negotiations, and strategic partnerships into the 7 steps process in The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint.


Bernt Ullmann:
Author Bernt Ullmann, often referred to as the man behind the brands, is a trusted brand acceleration expert, primarily in the fashion industry, for over 30 years. His debut book introduces and explains the systematic seven-step process he developed to help entrepreneurs, no matter who, launch a successful brand or scale their business. This book is a step-by-step, easy to follow blueprint to achieve business acceleration and create lasting wealth. A.J. Adams has consulted and built brands for celebrities, New York Times bestselling authors, and $100 million brands. AJ is also an international bestselling author who has shared the stage with some of the world's best speakers, including Les Brown and Kevin Harrington. Just a few years ago, AJ was a broke janitor with less than $6 to his name. After several years of intense struggle and multiple failed businesses, AJ finally discovered and mastered the art & science of personal branding. Daymond John is an American businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. Based in New York City, John is the founder of The Shark Group.