The Perilous Tale of Gus

The Perilous Tale of Gus

Anna Barbosa


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Gus is a tiny puppy without a home. He lives underneath an old rusty truck, scrounges for food in trash cans and dumpsters, and worries about his shoelace collar that is becoming tighter by the day. But everything changes one day when Gus and his stray puppy friend, Trixie, attempt to cross the street.

After Gus is hit by a car, he is rescued by kindly strangers that decide to help him and take him to a veterinarian who heals his injured leg. But the best surprise of all is when the strangers find Gus the greatest Mom in the world who promises to care for him, play with him, and love him forever.

The Tale of Gus is the touching story of a rescue dog’s life on the streets, his adventures, and the friends he meets as he journeys to find his forever family to love.


Anna Barbosa:

Gus the Dog is a survivor of a very difficult, lonely life on the streets. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his family where he enjoys spreading an encouraging message of perseverance, trust, and compassion; playing tug-o-war with his brother, Ranger; visiting children at schools; and helping foster dogs from Houston K-911 Rescue.

Anna Barbosa lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Allen Richards, and their fur kids, Gus, Nathan, Ranger, Lottie, Jacie, Tank, Pip, and a foster dog or two. Anna is the Director of Houston K-911 Rescue and momager of Gus, who loves to visit with kids at schools and talk about how important it is to be kind to animals. Follow Gus on Facebook at @GusJourney.

Katie Wray Schon loves stories in all ways, shapes, and forms. Katie worked for ten years as an interaction designer before changing gears to focus on children’s literature and illustration. She lives in Texas with her husband and three kids.