Food and Climate Change without the hot air

Food and Climate Change without the hot air

Change your diet: the easiest way to help save the planet

S L Bridle


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• 25% of greenhouse gas emissions come from food – how can we
reduce this?

• What effect does the food we eat have on the environment?

• How will climate change affect the food we will eat in the future?

• Can the choices we make as consumers reduce carbon emissions

Inspired by the author's former mentor David MacKay (Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air), Food and Climate Change is a rigorously researched discussion of how food and climate change are intimately connected. In this ground-breaking and accessible work, Prof Sarah Bridle focuses on facts rather than emotive descriptions. Highly illustrated in full colour throughout, the book explains how anyone can reduce the climate impact of their food.


S L Bridle:

Sarah Bridle is a professor at Manchester University. She became committed to a change in food policy because of her children and her concern for their future.

In 2017, Sarah founded the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Food Network+, bringing together food research and industry. Sarah led the Take a Bite out of Climate Change exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in 2019 and leads the Greenhouse Gas and Dietary choices Open source Toolkit (GGDOT) which brings together data from food choices and greenhouse gas emissions to inform the public and policy makers. Sarah is author of over 100 refereed publications which have over 9000 citations and has won prestigious awards in the UK and Europe including a Royal Society University Research Fellowship, the Royal Astronomical Society’s Fowler Award, and European Research Council Starting and Consolidator Grants.

She divides her research time between food-related climate change and astrophysics.