Finding Home

Finding Home

Walking Surrendered Through Terminal Cancer and Failed Adoption

Kim Green


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“I’d been up 35 hours, flown across the world, and watched my sister die ... it was time for a hot American shower, a bed, and a new day.”

In this true story, Kim Green takes readerson her journey through two simultaneous stories that inspire great faith. In 2015, she walked intimately through her sister’s last months of fighting cervical cancer and two international adoptions. Finding Home is a tale of standing on faith and the Word of God, but ultimately trusting that He is sovereign and doing far more than any personcan ask or imagine. Finding Home is like reading two stories in one and its message of love is gently dove tailed throughout each chapter.

Sometimes the way home takes onethrough unmapped neighborhoods and great surrender to see His will be done. Within Finding Home, follow Kim to the bedside of her dying sister and across the ocean to a Tanzanian orphanage. Learn what an unbroken promise and unwavering faith looks like in unlikely places. Ultimately, readers learn that they’ve found their way home when the Prince of Peace answers the door and settles in their heart that it is well, despite empty places at the table.