Tilted Justice

Tilted Justice

First Came the Flood, Then Came the Lawyers.

Sidonie Middleton


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Alife-threatening flood leads to a frivolous lawsuit - a suit based on unfounded, meritless claims. This simple injustice, which should have been quickly resolved, turns into a litigation nightmare that would go on for years. But the victim, an elderly widow, takes on the lawyers in court, acting as her own attorney - and wins! From the day of the devastating flash flood to the final court judgment and the zinger of a surprise ending, the story ranges from thrilling to heart-breaking to hilariously funny! The author’s hope is that by sharing her experiences, the readers will benefit from them and become more aware of the disastrous effects of frivolous lawsuits – legal claims without merit – and consider possible ways to counter or defend against them. That aside, the book is a page-turner to rival the most compelling thriller. It is not a novel, a fictitious work of creative writing. No, it is incredible but true, and truth is stranger than fiction – and often a whole lot funnier!