Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Woman and Space in Turkey

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Woman and Space in Turkey


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While social structures and relations effect how we give meaning to spaces, our comprehension of spaces effects how we give meaning to what is social. We wanted to look into how women stroll through spaces, what roles and functions they undertake, how they give meaning to their engagement with spaces, and how, with their existence, they become one with spaces. We started this journey looking for clues as to how women, as they played their parts, re-interpreted those scripts written by sovereign powers, how they became stars, how they transformed limitations into the limitless, and how they created rich lives out of deprivation. We aimed to take up what kind of an intermediary role ‘space’ serves, while women stretched their limits – without objection, screaming, or revolting; how, in various forms, they have positioned themselves in spaces and re-defined their being, and how spaces in this journey served as an interface be-tween society’s perception of women versus their self-perception and their lives.