Tough Cases

Tough Cases

Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They’ve Ever Made

Russell Canan, Gregory Mize, Frederick Weisberg


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Behind the Curtain material: The public almost never gets to see inside a judge’s decision-making process; the theater of the court is designed to make the judges seem like impartial justice machines, and yet they struggle with the moral complexities of each case —this book will shed a light.

Famous Cases: the Elián Gonzáles case, a landmark in US-Cuba relations, in which custody of a seven-year-old boy must be decided; the Terri Schiavo case in which a just must decide whether to take a woman in a persistent and terminal vegetative state off life support, as her husband wishes, but against the wishes of her parents.

For readers of Scott Turow this will be gripping and popular, a perspective not usually available.

High drama: fascinating cases in which judges try to override juries only to discover the juries know best; cases involving Native American tribal law and international law (one Minnesota judge sits on a war crimes tribunal in Kosovo); and heartrending cases involving infanticide and Munchausen disease (in which a parent intentionally makes a child sick).

TNP strong track in field: The New Press has a well-respected and successful list in law and on criminal justice.