Bittersweet Brexit

Bittersweet Brexit

The Future of Food, Farming, Land and Labour

Charlie Clutterbuck


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*Selected as one of openDemocracy's Best Political Books of 2017*

Although widely criticised and hugely wasteful, The Common Agricultural Policy did at least afford British farmers a degree of support. Post-Brexit, that support will vanish - to be replaced with a woefully misconceived agricultural export drive that cannot possibly deliver.

Bittersweet Brexit suggests a solution: paying workers decent wages in the agricultural sector could radically transform the nature of farming in Britain. It would improve yields, increase sustainability and ensure greater self-sufficiency at a time when food security is becoming a vital issue.

This scenario provides a progressive, forward-thinking and optimistic future for food and farming in Britain, which, unlike many other industries, is currently being ignored.


Charlie Clutterbuck:

Charlie Clutterbuck PhD has three degrees in agricultural sciences. He has worked in many parts of the food chain from plucking turkeys, picking hops, working in kitchens and living on a hill farm. He has advised several major food retailers and was an active member of Unite's Rural and Agricultural workers for many years, as well as an Honorary Fellow in Food Policy at City University London. At present he is on the Boards of Incredible Farm in Todmorden and 'The Larder' in Preston. He has published extensively on food and farming and is the author of Bittersweet Brexit: Land, Labour and Food After Brexit (Pluto, 2017).